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Do the little things...

It may only be the start of the new year, but I'm sure we've all thought of the changes we're going to put in place for 2024 and possibly given them up already.

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Maybe there's a better about starting small and doing the little things instead?

Doing the little things is important when considering our mental health and our physical wellness. It can ease us gently into new habits. Taking little actions can add up to a big difference over time. It makes a difference in preventing ill health and helping to make us feel happier, as well as improving our mental health.

A single little thing might not have a huge effect on it's own, but when we include lots of little things, they can add up to a noticeable improvement.

That January gym membership has likely lost it's appeal already, but introducing a couple of short walks and making time for relaxation or meditation to your week will add up and have a positive effect on your physical health.

Doing the little things has a positive effect in mental health too; counselling along with improved social contact, a meaningful role as well as places to go and things to do, are beneficial to handle the difficult issues and relationships in our lives.

When working with clients I often suggest that as well as weekly counselling sessions with me that they also include little things, that I know don't sound like much, but when they all come together in a package, they really do add up to an improvement in how they feel and how resilient they become.

The ordinary things matter in our lives, so let's do the little things. My little things include a walk outdoors, a coffee and a chat with a friend, a quick tidy up, de-clutter a drawer or cupboard, cook & eat something tasty and healthy. These actions along with regular counselling improve anxiety, stress as well as how we handle those difficult situations and relationships in life.

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