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A week of Mondays?

How's everyone managing this weird week of what seems like endless Mondays?

It's that strange time of year between Christmas and New Year that feels like the last of the unwanted chocolates in the Quality Street tub. We're are looking forward to getting back to work, taking down the decorations and getting back to our usual routine again.

It's important though to look back at this time of year, as well as remembering the good times and begin planning for the new year to come.

If this Christmas was less than happy and festive for you, remember that you've done better than you think, it's a difficult time of year for many of us.

If you can, snatch a few quiet moments just to acknowledge what you've achieved, what emotions have been coming up for you and to be kind to yourself. Take some time to get out for a quick walk or meet a friend for a coffee and a chat.

Happy New Year!

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