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Grief and Loss

After the Queen's recent death, we may be feeling the effects of grief and loss for someone that we've never known, but who has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Add to these feelings the continual TV and online coverage which may be causing some of us to feel overwhelmed or may even have triggered memories or fears.

Grief isn't limited to the death of a loved one though, we can also mourn the breakdown of a relationship, leaving a job or the death of a beloved pet.

Grief is a personal experience that everyone moves through at their own pace; it takes as long as it takes, so be patient with yourself and others.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy can offer support to someone going through grief and loss, helping to re-frame your feelings of loss and emotional pain and to readjust to life again.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy does not try to remove your loved one from your thoughts or memory, instead it helps you to progress through your grief in a healthier way so that you can re-enter life without pain, anger, guilt and loneliness.

Remember, if you're feeling overwhelmed at the moment try to limit how much you are watching online and on TV and take care of yourself.

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