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How's your self-esteem?

Our self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It's based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, which can be difficult to change. Self-esteem can affect whether you like and value yourself as a person.

In my counselling practice I support clients who are struggling to appreciate their value to themselves, their families, community and society.

If you feel that your self-esteem is low and that you don't like or value yourself the following FAST tips may help.

Be fair: to yourself as well as to other people. It's important to learn that your needs are just as important as everyone else's. Be assertive and speak your truth.

No apologies: don't be overly apologetic. Don't apologise for having an opinion or disagreeing with others.

Stick to your values: don't compromise or abandon your values trying to please others or to conform.

Be truthful: don't make excuses. Be honest and don't exaggerate or lie.

Always remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

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