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Starting your journey...

The initial consultation is the perfect starting point for your journey to your future.

Most clients begin this first session a little unsure of what to expect, but the purpose of it is to discover and devise your bespoke treatment plan.

We'll begin with an in-depth discussion of what you would like to achieve from hypnotherapy, what you would like to overcome or change.

We will discuss your history, issues in the past or present that you're struggling with and I will take this into account when creating your personalised treatment plan. Your treatment plan is agreed and appointments made for your sessions.

This is an enlightening and interesting session for my clients, who gain more knowledge of what can be achieved with hypnotherapy and puts them on the path to improvement.

I round up this powerful one hour session with a hypnotherapy session, incorporating both feelings of blissful relaxation, improved confidence and self-esteem, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

You're now on the path to the improvements you want to make to your life!!

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