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The End of the World? Really?

Do you think that every set-back is the end of the world?

We think of the worst case scenario before any other possible outcome because we're human and unfortunately it's what our human brain does. Our brain a great job keeping us alive by warning us of dangerous situations and keeping us alert to all of the possibilities.

But, thankfully not every situation that triggers our anxious thoughts are life threatening.

Neither are these triggers or unhelpful thoughts concrete predictions of doom and gloom.

It's important to learn how to step back from catastrophising thoughts and to be able to view them as what they are so that you regain a sense of control in periods of anxiety.

In reality you can't get rid of these thoughts and you wouldn't want to as they are helpful if you're at risk; but you can choose which ones to act upon and which ones are unhelpful and only serve to make you anxious.

The next time a catastrophising thought pops into your mind try the following tips:

  • Notice them: look out for thoughts of disaster or worst case scenarios.

  • Name it: call it out as a biased thought-it's not true or a fact.

  • Let it be: don't try to ignore it, see it as it is, just a perspective, a thought.

  • Shift it: take a couple of deep breaths, notice your surroundings, walk around.

  • Consider the alternatives: think of more realistic, positive and likely alternatives.

Be patient with yourself when these thoughts come up, they're natural, but not helpful.

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