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The Masks We Wear....

We all wear masks-not just for Halloween or to cover our faces since the pandemic hit, but in our everyday lives and we probably have a large collection of masks that are relevant to a given situation or dealing with a particular person.

Wearing these masks isn’t a sign that something’s wrong with you or that you’re trying to be deceitful though.

On the contrary, wearing masks is a way of setting boundaries, but it can become an issue if you’re not able or are unwilling to let your authentic self show.

Being ‘maskless’ takes a lot of courage and makes you vulnerable.

Seeing you without your mask is an earned privilege for those who offer you unconditional love and acceptance.

When you choose to take off your mask, to be your authentic self, you’re putting your heart on the table and saying ‘this is fragile-please take good care of it’.

With the wrong person, this can be a dangerous thing to do; with the right person, it breeds the kind of connection that we all yearn for.

To protect ourselves from harm, we wear many different masks, to hide our true feelings, fear, hurt, anxiety, grief and sadness over our lifetimes.

Our masks only begin to cause problems when we hide behind them too much and lose track of who we really are, our sense of self-worth or to hide our real problems and issues.

Look at the masks you wear on a daily basis or how you change depending on the person you’re with or situation you’re in.

How much do you rely on your mask, is it helping you or hindering you?

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