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Which suits you?

You may have noticed that I provide counselling sessions that are face to face, over Skype or by telephone, but which type of session would suit you? Here's some benefits to help you decide...

Benefits of Face to Face Sessions:

  • Rapport: it's easier in face to face/in person sessions for the counsellor and client to be able to build a professionally supportive relationship. Rapport is important for the client to trust the counsellor and to feel safe and heard. It's not as easy to build rapport as quickly online or by telephone, but it is do-able.

  • Body Language: during face to face sessions I will notice and act upon the subtle signals that your body language sends out i.e. jiggling your feet or wringing your hands. Body language signals aren't always easy to pick up online and can;t be noticed over the phone, but you'll need to tell me if something has hit a nerve or makes you uncomfortable.

  • Safety: A counselling space is a safe place where you can speak freely and in confidence. I always ask if a client online or the phone is somewhere private where they are free to speak freely.

Benefits of Online & Telephone Counselling:

  • Accessibility: you have the opportunity to find the right counsellor for you bsed on their values rather than their location. NB that counsellor's in different countries may not follow the same code of ethics or offer the same confidentiality though.

  • Convenience: online and telephone sessions eliminate travel time and costs.

  • Comfort: you will be able to participate in sessions from the comfort of your own home.

The most important decision is that you've decided to seek support from a counsellor, not always where your sessions take place.

Personally, I believe that face to face/in person sessions are best, but I understand that at times an online or phone session would be better at certain times, or even at the beginning of therapy until you feel more comfortable.

The most important thing is to find a counsellor that suits you, where you feel safe and is non-judgemental. Always check that a counsellor is registered by looking at the Counselling Directory lisitngs which will show their professional details.

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